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In 2017, resolve to be an ADVOCATE!

As political decision-making gets underway this year, here are some disability rights priorities you can help champion:

  • Employment: Join the Employment First Coalition, and support legislation that would reduce barriers and improve outcomes to employment as well as support Employment First. #UNLOCKemply
  • DD Waiver Funding: The NOW/COMP waiver has the longest Medicaid waiver waiting list in Georgia (8,698 individuals as of 9/30/2016.)  Ask your senator and state representative to support the request for funding at least 2,470 new waivers for a state impact of $33,058,273.00. #UNLOCKddwaivers
  • Elder & Disabled Abuser Registry: Coalition of Advocates for Georgia’s Elderly (CO-AGE) supports the creation of a comprehensive abuser registry in Georgia.  At least 19 other states have such a registry, including Tennessee. #UNLOCKAbuseReg
  • Housing: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is the only resource available to most individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to pay for housing.  A legislative study of residential care costs and exploration of funding to support I/DD organizations to bridge the gap between an individual’s SSI and the cost of housing is necessary. #UNLOCKhousing
  • People First Legislation: Georgia is one of a few states that still uses language in policy that conveys negative or derogatory perceptions about people with disabilities.  Appropriate substitute language is recommended along with the use of terminology that “puts the person before the disability.” #UNLOCKlang
  • Transportation: The Georgia Accessible Transportation Coalition advocates for accessible transportation including sidewalks and public transportation across the state of Georgia. #UNLOCKtrans

*These priorities have been set and written by Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities as leaders of the UNLOCK! Coalition of which ARC is proudly a part.

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