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Adult Day Center CAI Staff J24-281811

The Adult Day Center Director hires the Adult Day CAI staff. He/ She will transport ARC Individuals into the community to accomplish their ISP goals. If needed, he/she will serve as a fill-in at Adult Day Center. He/ She must maintain accurate documentation and records. He/ She shall maintain good relations with co-workers, supervisors, Individuals and the community as a whole.  He/ She shall have knowledge of community resources. He/ She shall maintain confidentiality at all times.

Part-Time Position



  • Will spend majority of time transporting Individuals and assisting with their Community Access goals.
  • Ensures all tracking, for Individuals they serve, are remitted timely to the Adult Day Center
  • Participates in all in-service and continuing education training programs, when offered, to enhance job performance
  • Responsible for promoting and protecting Individual’s rights, especially the right to freely make and express preferences in choices regarding their daily living and care, as long as such choices are not detrimental to the Individual’s well being
  • Insures an Individual focused environment that promotes socialization and training opportunities for all Individuals served
  • All other duties as may be assigned



The Adult Day CAI staff must have a high school diploma, or equivalent, a valid Class 1 Georgia driver’s license, current car insurance and dependable transportation. Travel is required with this position.



  • must have good communication skills and express a caring and patient attitude
  • ability to manage time effectively
  • must have good organizational skills
  • must exhibit high standards in person centered environments



He/ She will be supervised by the Adult Day Center Director.


Human Resources Director J23-191810

Albany Advocacy Resource Center (AARC), a non-profit agency serving disabled individuals in the South Georgia area and located in Albany, GA, has a position for Director of Human Resources.  This position will lead the Human Resources efforts and staff of AARC in all areas of Human Resources including, compliance, recruiting, retention, employee relations, training and strategic planning. Some of the specific duties and responsibilities for this position include: 

  • Annually reviews and makes recommendations to executive management for improvement of the agency’s policies, procedures and practices on personnel matters
  • Maintains knowledge of industry trends and employment legislation and ensures agency’s compliance
  • Maintains responsibility for agency compliance with federal and state legislation pertaining to all personnel matters
  • Communicates changes in agency personnel policies and procedures and ensures proper compliance is followed
  • Assists executive management in the annual review, preparation and administration of agency wage and salary program
  • Coordinates or conducts exit interviews to determine reasons behind separation
  • Consults with legal counsel as appropriate, or as directed by the Executive Director on personnel matters
  • Recommends, evaluates and participates in staff development for the agency
  • Develops and maintains a human resource system that meets agency personnel information needs
  • Supervises the staff of the human resources department
  • Participates on committees and special projects and seeks additional responsibilities

 This position’s requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent plus four to ten years of related experience or training, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Preferred:  Master’s degree in Business Administration.
  • Additional Eligibility Qualifications:  SHRM-CP or SHRM-PHR certification
  • Experience in non-profit or service related agency work is preferred


It is important to have knowledge of the agency’s Mission and Vision and of the agency’s programs and services. This position must have the ability to meet deadlines as they arise and be able to prioritize duties.  This position must be knowledgeable of the accreditation process and how it affects the agency.

1:1 Direct Support Professional - J21-181809   The Adult Day 1:1 DSP is assigned to one Individual. He/she will assist their person with personal needs and maintain safety and sanitary guidelines.  He/ She will insure individual’s supervision, health and safety according to Individual’s Individual Service Plan (ISP). He/ She will also assure their person meets the goals in their ISP. The Adult Day 1:1 DSP will show a positive and caring attitude towards their person, Adult Day staff and other Individuals served at all times and will maintain strict confidentiality.

Some of the specific duties of this position are:

  • Prepares and completes activity plans, coordinates supplies, and administers assigned activities to their Individual.
  • Feeds, toilets, dresses and provides other necessary daily living activities for their person served
  • Attends Individuals’ staffing when necessary and assists in monitoring Individual’s progress
  • Maintains a safe and attractive environment for Individuals and co-workers by cleaning and maintaining work area as needed
  • Participates in all in-service training and continuing education programs, when offered, to enhance job performance
  • Attends all staff meetings
  • Completes monthly reports and other documentation as needed
  • Assists with project set-up and decorations
  • Reports observations of Individual’s behavior to supervisor for referral and appropriate action
  • Maintains current CPR, First Aid Training and all other ARC-mandated trainings


Required:  High school diploma or GED equivalent.  He/she must have some experience working with individuals with disabilities.  He/she must have a valid Class 1 Georgia driver’s license with a satisfactory driving record.  If you would like to learn more about this position, please complete this online application.


Residential Home Manager J20-131809 -   The Residential Home Manager is responsible for the wellbeing of the individuals served who reside in his/her home by overseeing the day-to-day operation and activities of the home. He/she will oversee the care of individuals, the facility and program implementation in the home, including:

  •  Training residents in daily home functions such as meal preparation, personal finance, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Oversee food and meal purchase and preparation
  • Maintain physician, ISP and other medical charts and oversee that the requirements outlined are followed
  • Oversee the transportation of individuals
  • Other duties as required

Qualifications / Requirements

High school diploma or GED. Must have a valid Georgia driver’s license with a satisfactory driving record. Must be capable of operating a 15-passenger van or must have a personal vehicle that can be used for transporting individuals served.   Must be able to pass the physical requirements of this position that includes bending, lifting and reaching.

To learn more about the position, please complete an application by clicking on "APPLY HERE" at the end of this list of openings.

SOURCE Case Manager Supervisor J18301807The SOURCE Case Manager Supervisor will be responsible for the leadership of the SOURCE program and staff working underthem to ensure overall satisfaction of services for SOURCE members as well as positive collaboration with other agencies.  Exempt position.  Duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Overseeing the overall enhanced primary care case management of the members.
  • Completing Primary Care Physicians' Distribution Report monthly.
  • Monitoring overall health status of the members to ensure that medical issues are addressed in a timely manner by reviewing records monthly and following up on reviews.
  • Signing off on monthly supervision of all members' records and checks documentation.
  • Ensuring that case managers monitor members' medications by confirming how they receive medications, making sure members are taking medications as prescribed and listing all medications in members' charts.
  • Ensuring that case managers assist the members with doctor's appointments and follow physicians' recommendations.
  • Reporting all issues or concerns to the SOURCE Director.
  • Ensuring that SOURCE services are provided to members in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring that case managers enter their narratives correctly in Therap.
  • Assisting SOURCE Director with hiring staff, evaluating staff, developing job descriptions, and enforcing agency policies.
  • Providing administrative support to staff.
  • Ensuring that members' rights are protected and their personal information is kept confidential.
  • Initiating and following through on appeals procedures in conjunction with the SOURCE Director
  • Making and receiving telephone calls from established members, providers, DCH, prospective members, and the agency's Executive Director and participating in telephone conferences with other SOURCE sites and SCH.
  • Participating in staff development trainings and planning and implementing in-service for SOURCE staff.
  • Attending meetings: weekly meetings of the Medical Director; monthly meetings of the providers and meetings held in Stockbridge for all SOURCE sites; meetings conducted by SOURCE's Deputy and Executive Directors.  Also assists the SOURCE Director with planning and conducting staff meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Qualifications: Required: Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice or related field.  All skills and experiences will be considered.  Candidate must have communication, organizational, management and decision-making skills.  The SOURCE Case Manager Supervisor should know the agency's mission and vision as well as the programs and services offered by AARC.  Must also be knowledgeable about the accreditation process for the agency, and how accreditation affects the agency.  Must have reliable transportation and maintain a valid Georgia driver's license at all times.

SOURCE Case Manager J16241807 and J17241807Albany Advocacy Resource Center (AARC) is recruiting for two full-time, experienced SOURCE case managers for our non-profit organization located in Albany, GA.  This position is responsible for the overall enhanced primary care and case management of those members who have been assigned to their caseload.  This is an exempt position.  Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Collecting, reviewing and filing monthly reports as needed and by monthly deadline.
  • Maintaining and monitoring members' files and records by periodically reviewing and following up on reviews.
  • Obtaining medical information for all members.
  • Assisting members with acquisition of medications.
  • Monitoring overall health status and wellbeing of the members to ensure that medical and social issues are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Assisting the members with medical appointments and with following physicians' recommendations.
  • Attending community/agency meetings regarding SOURCE members as needed.
  • Assisting members with the maintenance of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits.
  • Collaborating with the SOURCE nurses on specific medical/health issues of concern.
  • Reporting all issues of concern to the SOURCE Supervisor.
  • Collaborating with participating physicians and medical facilities to ensure wrap-around case management of members' health needs.
  • Utilizing Therap to input data on members by the end of the service month.
  • Providing and coordinating related services to members as follows: transportation; scheduling medical appointments; counseling; information and referral; serving as on-call and/or back-up; meals; emergency response systems; personal care home residence.
  • Promoting and protecting members' rights, especially the right to freely make and express preferences regarding their daily living and care, as long as such rights/choices are not detrimental to the members' wellbeing.

Qualifications: Required: Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, Special Education or related field or have experience relevant to the position.  Must have experience working in and with community agencies,with families, and preferable with individuals who have disabilities.

Other knowledge and abilities: They must be a mature person who is friendly, caring with good communication and organizational skills.  They must have a personal vehicle and a valid Georgia driver's license and be willing and able to drive to appointments, meetings, and to transport individuals served to appointments and events.  They must have a working knowledge of the Albany Advocacy Resource Center's mission and vision as well as the agency's programs and services.  They must have a knowledge and understanding of the agency's accreditation process and its value to the organization.

Reasonable accomadations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Driver - Transporter: J10-221806  Albany Advocacy Resource Center (AARC) needs a full-time Driver-Transporter. This position's responsibilities include safely transporting individuals with disabilities to medical and dental appointments and other locations. This position requires an excellent driving record, current driver's license, ability to load and unload individual's wheelchairs and other aids. Most of all, this position requires, a respectful, understanding, dedicated, responsible, flexible, and willingness to learn attitude.   To learn more about the position, please complete an application by clicking on "APPLY HERE" at the end of this list of openings.

Direct Support Professional:  J1241804  We are looking for people with the talent, ability and character to take responsibility for the day-to-day care of the Individuals served by Albany Advocacy Resource Center (AARC). If you want to make a difference in these Individual's lives and in your community as a whole, this is a wonderful opportunity. AARC offers extensive training for this position if you have a respectful, understanding, dedicated, responsible, flexible, and willingness to learn attitude.  If you would like to learn more about this position, please complete this online application.

ICWP Case Manager, Contract - Part-Time:  J5241803 This is a great opportunity for a qualified individual who wants to work approximately 120 hours per month. The ICWP Case Manager is responsible for the overall enhanced primary case management of those individuals who have been assigned to their caseload. This position  must demonstrate successful team participation, good written and verbal communication skills, knowledge of local, state, and regional resources and willingness to establish community networks.  Must demonstrate a professional and personal commitment to advocacy, creativity, and ethics with an emphasis on promoting and implementing self-directed care.


The ICWP Case Manager has an assigned caseload of individuals who are scheduled for 6 hours of service per month.  The ICWP Case Manager sets their own schedule for delivering those 6 hours of service.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) J15-231807

The LPN will perform clinical and non-clinical duties as assigned. Maintains all medical regulatory and compliance issues for the individuals served by AARC. Maintains compliance with all state and federal policies and procedures.

Non-Exempt Position.


Demonstrates expertise in Community Service Standards for all Providers – Titled “Infection Control Practices are Evident in all Service Settings,” “organizations Have Oversight for Medication or That Administered Medications Follow Federal and State Laws, Rules, Regulations and Best Practices Guidelines, “ HFR.

Reviews and updates policy medical manuals quarterly and as changes occur in compliance with DBHDD policy guidelines and waiver standards. Maintains current copy of NOW/COMP waiver manuals.

Coordinates with PHC and CLA leaders to ensure consistency in medical policy manuals on a quarterly basis.

Provides PHC and any medically related trainings in an ongoing basis.

Provide HRST training within 30 days of ISP implementation.

Completes all HRST and review as required by the DBHDD HRST policy with 90 days of the ISP.

Attend pre-ISP and ISP as assigned.

Follow up on CAPS and investigation recommendations as assigned.

Collect data for nursing assessments.

Check and inspect adaptive equipment for cleanliness, correct fit, safety etc.

Fill in for any LPN duties such as tube feedings, med passes and direct care.

Completes Medical Safety Plans on the individuals, and trains the individual and staff on the implementation of the plan as directed.

Attends monthly nursing meetings.

Works with Residential Director to complete CAPS, Critical Incident Reports and conducts investigations as required by DBHDD as assigned.

Participates in annual PHC skills fair.

Maintains a working knowledge of Community Standards for all providers, HFR, CLA, PHC, waiver regulations.

Conducts monthly home inspections focusing on medically related areas (minimum of 5 per month).

Demonstrates expertise in all DBHDD Medically Related Policies and Procedures.

Follows up on all I&E nursing assessments and assigns recommendations to appropriate nursing staff as assigned.

Maintains a working relationship with pharmacies, physicians’ offices and medical supply companies.

Interacts and communicates effectively with all Residential team.

Provides detailed verbal and written reports on assigned functions at any and all Residential departmental, managerial meetings. Participates monthly in one AARC committee as assigned.

Completes all direct care staff training as well as other identified trainings.

AARC has several training courses that are required; all of the courses must be completed annually to maintain compliance.

Drug Free Workplace


CPR/1st Aid

Defensive Driving

WEX (fuel card)

Van Wheelchair Tie-Down

Active Shooter

Medical Private Home Care

Proxy Caregiver

AARC Orientation-Policies/Documentation I/Documentation II

Person-Centered Awareness

Additional specialized courses may be assigned.

Provides direct care support as needed.

Carries and answers cell phone promptly and returns all phone calls according to urgency of call. Listens to voice mails ongoing.

Takes call on rotation for medically related issues.

Promotes and protects individuals’ rights, especially the right to freely make and express preferences in choices regarding their daily living and care, as long as such rights/choices are not detrimental to individuals’ wellbeing.

Other duties as assigned.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Required: High school diploma or GED and a minimum of two (2) years’ clinical experience and experience with individuals with DD and/or MH. Must have and maintain LPN Licensure.

He/she must have experience in clerical/office administrative duties. Must have knowledge of calculators, personal computers, fax machine, multiple line telephone systems and other business related machines. Must be extremely organized, an effective communicator, team player, able to coach, train and hold staff accountable, produce reports in a timely manner. Must be a self-starter, able to solve problems and provide creative suggestions and solutions. Must have excellent customer service and verbal and written communication skills. Must have a valid Georgia driver’s license and reliable transportation.


He/she must have a working knowledge of the Albany Advocacy Resource Center’s Mission and Vision as well as the agency’s programs and services. He/she must have a knowledge and understanding of the agency’s accreditation process and its value to the organization. At a minimum, the LPN will attend two related trainings per year in addition to all required annual trainings.


The environment will be that of a typical office atmosphere. Travel outside the office environment when needed or assigned.


He/She will be supervised by the Residential RN.

He/she will have no supervisory responsibilities over other employees.

The duties listed above are intended only as an illustration of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.